Experience all the benefits of the hemp plant for a transformative, therapeutic experience that will help you live your best life.


Why Choose The Tenacious Seed?

At SEVA Farms, we know firsthand that it all starts with the SEED. We scrutinize the hemp plant’s best possible genetics and strains for optimal cultivation in the rich soils of the Nansemond River banks. We tend our hemp plants from seed to shelf, from planting and growing to processing the hemp and extracting cannabinoid compounds for our products.

The Tenacious Seed utilizes a sophisticated laboratory and  processing facility in Chesapeake, Virginia to rigorously test and manufacture our products. Our lab effectively and efficiently creates high-quality CBD tinctures, balms, capsules and water solubles, and because they are formulated in-house, we can easily scale them upon customer request.

We make each product with consistency and accuracy and take pride in each and every Full Spectrum CBD product we produce.

The Tenacious Seed facility is a VDACS approved hemp processor and licensed to produce hemp products for human consumption and dietary supplements made of hemp. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Tenacious Seed is a vertically integrated Full-Spectrum CBD company founded on the mission to create the world’s highest quality, all-natural CBD products. Our products help to cultivate new and therapeutic wellness practices for our followers.

We Are a Dual Bottom Line Company:

1. Establish a transformative business in the hemp industry.
2. Help others discover their best selves through education.

These two objectives underscore all of our work and orient our organization towards success and service to our customer’s well-being. We use these rules to guide our business objectives and orient ourselves toward our customers’ needs.


Independent Testing

Reliable CBD testing ensures that consumers receive pure and accurately labeled products. We utilize an ISO 17025 accredited cannabis testing facility to evaluate all our products for purity, potency, and efficacy so you can have peace of mind knowing that The Tenacious Seed CBD is safe and supports your well-being.

Nano Emulsification

Our ultrasonic liquid processor technology enables us to take our unique formula of highly enriched phytocannabinoid hemp extract and turn it into a water soluble product that integrates easily with any beverage.

Violet Glass

We store our premium quality CBD products in Miron Violet Glass, a unique biophotonic material that filters out harmful visible sunlight that can degrade the chemical structure of hemp extract while simultaneously allowing beneficial ultraviolet light and infrared light to penetrate through the glass to enhance the product.


Our customers can attest to our product quality and our level of commitment to providing top notch service and fair pricing. See what these real customers have to say about our products and our brand.


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